Welcome To The Alternative Herbal Therapy Centre 

Welcome to the Bumps Centre, the alternative herbal therapy center for the treatment of bumps, keloids and all skin related problem. Bumps center is at the moment the only centre that guarantees a permanent cure to all cases of bumps, keloids and all skin related problems without surgery, injecting or use of steroid with no re-occurrence.

Over the past 10 years we have developed a cure for all forms of bumps and keloids. At the moment we have a reputation of being the only source of cure for all forms of bumps and Keloids without surgery, injections, cortison, steroids or any other substance that could cause damage to other parts of the body. Our herbs are locally sourced and prepared with no single synthetic chemical compound added. They are topically applied to the affected areas and you start to witness changes within hours of application.

The healing process is very progressive when taken seriously. At the bump centre, we have treated cases of 20yrs old, 18yrs, 15yrs, in the ten years of treatment we have no adverse report whatsoever, rather we have received commendations and appreciation from all our clients and looking at the testimonial will give you a hint. Our therapy has proven that improvement starts immediately after receiving your first treatment.

It does not take days before you start to notice drastic improvement and if treatments continue for a week without break, you will witness at least 30% - 40% reduction of the bumps provided treatment conditions are strictly adhered to.

It is our goal to cure permanently all the cases we receive and to significantly improve your skin condition. All our customers do experience extremely satisfying results after the completion of the treatment. We have effective solutions to all cases of razor shaving using blunt and unspecialized clippers. Bumps are sometimes caused by in-grown hairs, curly hairs that curl and grow back into the skin. Ingrown hairs or entrapped hairs act as foreign bodies and cause additional inflammation of the skin with existing bumps.

Mr. Johnson himself was a sufferer of bumps for over twenty years and this led to his interest into research of natural cure for bumps and keloid. This has brought us into business relationship with more than 10 qualified herbalists all over the world working in the team of our researcher.

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