Terms & Conditions

Payment and Treatment Policy

Bumps Centre is committed to the best alternative natural therapy for all customers. To enable us to deliver an outstanding service and incorporate a working structure for our growing operation it is imperative that you comply with the following payment and treatment policy:

  1. After completing the assessment consent form and receiving your private consultation your treatment and payment schedule will be agreed as a 1 or 2 month plan whereby treatment and payment commence and terminate simultaneously.
  2. Consultation fee and initial deposit should be paid on your first visit.
  3. All clients must book an appointment before coming in for treatment and after treatment book a follow-up appointment to continue treatment.
  4. Non-attendance to treatment appointments for more than two weeks will incur a 20% excess surcharge that will be added to the original bill payable.
  5. Payments can be made by debit card, credit card, money order, cash or cheque. It is your responsibility to ensure that adequate funds are available to fulfill committed payments.
  6. To help all customers to keep a record of payments you will receive a courtesy call prior to your appointment to remind you of your payment plan due dates. You may also consult with finance to query any payment discrepancies.
  7. To enable operations to run efficiently a numbering system will be in place. Customers must take a ticket then sign in at reception where you will be asked to be seated in the waiting room until your name/number is called.  

Our objective is to ensure that your care is paramount and thoroughness of operations does not hinder the treatment process.

We appreciate your custom and co-operation.

Bumps Centre Limited

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